Border rangers in Tibet

Wang Xin/Zhang Jin/Huang Yue China Plus Published: 2017-08-02 16:24:51
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Located at the border with India and Bhutan, Chinese flags can be seen waving from every household in the Legbo Valley as villagers have made it a habit to raise the flags to show their love of the motherland.

In surrounding mountains, local rangers enter the forest every day to do their duties.

There are over 90 rangers from the Lexiang Township, aged 16 to 65, working in the area and taking turns to patrol in the mountains.

The rangers are divided into small groups to cover a 68 kilometer route, at altitudes ranging from more than 2,000 meters to over 4,000 meters.

Each ranger needs to walk an average of 8 kilometers a day, and usually on steep and muddy paths.

The longest route, which is over 30 kilometers long, takes three days to patrol. Rangers in charge of the route need to stay overnight in pre-built huts along the route.

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