Natural resources bringing economic benefits to Wushan people

China Plus Published: 2017-09-02 10:48:25
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Overview of Wushan County of Chongqing municipality. [Photo: China Plus]

Overview of Wushan County of Chongqing municipality. [Photo: China Plus]

Wushan county in the northern part of Chongqing is being held up as an example of how eco-tourism can help eleviate poverty in rural areas of China.

CRI's Li Yi has more. 

Green trees and bushes, waters flanked by graceful peaks rising into the clouds – this is what's on offer to visitors who take a tour boat through the Wu Gorge. 

Beginning in the west in Wushan county of Chongqing municipality, the Wu Gorge is regarded as the most enchanting of the Three Gorges alongside the Yangtze River,the site of the largest hydro-power station in the world. 

Tourists who come to the Wu Gorge are always amazed by its green waters and fresh air. 

"Wu Gorge is a fantastic place with beautiful strange mountains and green waters. The air is also fresh here." 

"It's beautiful. The scenery here is just overwhelming. It's gorgeous… It's absolutely…You know, look around you, it's so green, so lush, overwhelming, very very beautiful." (English)

With 200 thousand hectares of woodlands and more than 5 million cubic meters of forests, the color green dominates Wushan county. And these natural gifts are far from wasted. 

In recent years, the government has been developing ecotourism to turn these natural resources into an income source for local people, making tourism a pillar industry of the county.

All the scenic spots are open to public, and they are specifically designed so that tourists can enjoy equally beautiful views all year round. 

500 local households are now offering accommodation, providing tourists with a taste of rural life. 

Cao Bangxing is the head of Wushan county. He says the government will continue to facilitate both the upgrade of the tourism industry to promote ecological and economy development.

"We should turn natural resources into economic benefits. One thing is to develop the ecological economy. We should depend on mountains, waters, blue sky and clouds to promote ecotourism." 

Developing green tourism is just one of the government's efforts to turn natural assets into economic benefits. 

The county is also upgrading its local agricultural industry, for example, by planting a large amount of plum trees, which produce a greater yield but use less chemical fertilizer. 

The head of the county says planting plum trees is a win-win way out. 

"Planting as many trees that are economically beneficial as we can is one way to turn Wushan county's natural resources to wealth. They have both ecological and economic benefits."

"Clean water and lush mountains are priceless assets." 

It's a philosophy that has spurred on green development, and is changing the lives of the people of Wushan county.

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