A technology-oriented day trip in Hefei

Sultan Mahmood Hali China Plus Published: 2017-09-27 12:47:48
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The emphasis was on technology. The day commenced with a visit to BOE, the Beijing Oriental, where technological innovation systems intelligent interface products and services are being prepared for information, interaction and human health. The organization has overall 50,000 available patents.

Guests visit the production center of Lenovo and Taiwan’s Compal Group. [Photo: Wang Bingxia]

Guests visit the production center of Lenovo and Taiwan’s Compal Group. [Photo: China Plus]

Generation 10.5 is being manufactured. The main features of which are advanced super dimension switch (ADS), organ light emitting diode (OLED), Thin film sensor for smart communication pertaining to healthcare services, art and super market applications. Other uses include mobile healthcare, digital hospital, regenerative medicine, which are non-invasive, in real time and professional.

A visit to the comprehensive bonded zone to witness the crystal integrated circuit and photoelectric followed. Nexchip Semiconductor Corporation, a joint venture of Hefei Construction Investment and Holding and Powerchip Technology Corporation from Taiwan is an amazing array of state of the art technology and speaks volumes for China's quantum leap into manufacturing futuristic smart communication systems. Focus on high tech industry and services has transformed a relatively backward Hefei into one of the leaders in innovation.

JAC automobile plant was an eye opener since the degree of automation is very high while the energy consumption because of the car being run on chargeable batteries is impressive. Not utilizing fossil fuels, the car contributes to supporting a cleaner environment. 

Lenovo Computers'Future Centre (LCFC) turned out to be a pleasant surprise with its lean management and advanced operations. Being a joint venture between Lenovo and Taiwan’s Compal Group, its slogan: “Link the world - Lead the world is most appropriate as it is forging ahead with determination and exquisite thinking.

LCFC, with intelligent manufacturing strategy, which embraces adherence to intelligent information and automation, contributes to Cloud, Big Data and IOT (Internet of Big Things) for data mining and making the world a better place.

Sultan Mahmood Hali gifts a book to Hefei's Publicity minister

Sultan Mahmood Hali gifts a book to Hefei's Publicity minister

In a formal meeting with the Publicity Minister, the hopes, aspirations, some issues and future development plans of Hefei were discussed. The ambition of taking this city from an underdeveloped city to one of the greatest cities of the world runs from top to bottom and is likely to bring success to the residents of Hefei. 

Sultan Mahmood Hali is a presenter of Pakistan Television and Associated Press of Pakistan, a CCTV guest commentator and columnist. 

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