Chinese tour guide's death by elephant under investigation in Thailand

Zhang Jin China Plus Published: 2017-12-25 16:52:56
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The death of a Chinese tour guide killed by an elephant in Thailand is under investigation, reports the Beijing Morning Post.

The elephant which killed Chinese guide He Yongjie [Photo:]

The elephant which killed Chinese guide He Yongjie [Photo:]

He Yongjie was trampled to death by an angry elephant while attempting to protect a tourist in his group near Pattaya last Thursday. Two tourists were injured.

Reports suggest a tourist pulled the animal's tail, making it angry.

However, a Chinese tourist in the victim's group denies the suggestion. "I didn't see anyone pull the tail of the elephant during the entire process," he said.

The witness says the elephant hit a tree and began chasing after a member of He's group.

After He intervened, the elephant hit the guide with his trunk, then stomped on him.

Members of the Chinese tour suggest local Thai staff were not responsive enough to the situation, claiming Thai staff took some 30 minutes to respond to the situation.

The Chinese Embassy is calling for a full investigation, and is also warning Chinese tourists to increase their safety awareness.

The Bangkok Post is reporting the owner and a mahout at the elephant camp could be facing possible charges.

The elephant ride service at the camp is being shut down until new safety infrastructure is set.

The elephant which killed the Chinese guide is being retired, according to the park's manager.

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