Fewer Chinese people are choosing to marry young

Zhang Shuai China Plus Published: 2018-01-11 16:13:37
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More and more young people in China are choosing to postpone marriage, according to a report by Chinanews.com. 

This trend reflects a change to the country's traditional notions of marriage, which advocates getting married and having children at an early age.

[File photo: Chinanews.com]

[File photo: Chinanews.com]

According to the report, the average age for people to get married in east China's Jiangsu province reached 34 years in 2017, compared to 32 years in 2015 and 29 years in 2012.

The trend towards later marriages is contributing to the fall in the marriage rate in China. China's youth are better educated and more independent when it comes to planning their lives than their parent's generation. And the ever-increasing economic burden associated with marriage is also contributing to the declining marriage rate, the report said.

Experts warn that the changes to the traditional concept of marriage may have an impact on the already-low birth rate in China and accelerate the pace of aging in the population.

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