Broken leg not enough to stop this doctor from doing his duty

Hu Yijing China Plus Published: 2018-01-13 14:34:56
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Dai Chunshan, a 53-year-old general surgery doctor in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, has gone above and beyond the call of duty by coming to work despite being bound to a wheelchair, reports

Dai Chunshan, a 53-year-old doctor, performing surgery from a wheelchair as he recovers from a broken ankle. [File Photo:]

Dai Chunshan, a 53-year-old doctor, performing surgery from a wheelchair as he recovers from a broken ankle. [File Photo:]

The doctor's left ankle was broken in an accident on November 28, 2017. He required surgery to repair the ankle, and he had to use a wheelchair during his recovery.

After his operation, Dai contacted his surgery patients to tell them about his accident. Some patients told him that they would rather wait for him to return to work than see another doctor.

Not willing to disappoint his patients, Dai returned to the operating-table only 12 days after his own operation. Sitting in a wheelchair, the doctor performed three surgeries within three hours, by which time his leg was badly swollen.

Less a month after his fracture operation, Dai volunteered to go back to his work as an outpatient doctor.

"Lots of my patients are waiting for me to see them, and I've received many calls enquiring why I was not on duty. I previously said that I had been at a conference, but no conference lasts for that long, right?"

"I'm a restless man, and my patients can't wait," said Dai.

In the 32 years that Dai has been a doctor, he has never taken a holiday to go travelling because he always maintains his a habit of making a daily round at the hospital, even on weekends.

Recently, a photo showing Dai performing surgery from a wheelchair went viral. Many people applaud he commitment to his work, but some said that the doctor should take care of himself first.

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