Icy road leads to fatal, 53-vehicle pileup in southwest China

Zhang Shuai China Plus Published: 2018-02-05 17:03:42
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An unusual cold weather snap in Yunnan's capital, Kunming, is being blamed for a fatal, 53 vehicle pile-up in the city on Monday, February 5, 2018, reports Xinhua.

Four people have been killed after the vehicle they were in plunged off a highway overpass while reportedly trying to avoid the massive pile-up.

Only three others suffered minor injuries in the massive crash, which took place on a highway linking Kunming with the city of Chuxiong shortly after 6am.

The pile-up forced the temporary closure of the highway, stranding over 80 people. 

The highway has since reopened.

Kunming has been gripped by an unusual cold snap, with temperatures in the normally temperate southwest Chinese city lingering below the freezing mark.

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