China's basic science research funding doubles in 5 years

China Plus Published: 2018-02-12 09:51:48
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The Ministry of Science and Technology says China's financial input in R&D in basic sciences doubled in the past five years.

Vice-Minister of Science and Technology Huang Wei says the country has issued proposals on strengthening all basic science research, with the aim to make China a global innovation leader in science and technology.

Bioengineering research [File photo: Imagine China]

Bioengineering research [File photo: Imagine China]

"The proposals have set the goal of making China an important science center and an innovation highland in the world by the middle of this century and bringing forth international top-level science masters, who have a large number of major original science achievements to their credit."

Zhang Xiaoyuan, an official overseeing resource allocation and management at the ministry, says the government currently supports basic science research by either directly giving money to research institutions or allowing them to bid for projects.

Zhang says the central government will further encourage the participation of local governments and businesses in the implementation of major projects on basic science research in the future and explore means of charity and donation.

The State Council recently released guidelines on strengthening research in basic sciences to lay out basic principles and major arrangements.

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