China's space missions to reach Mars, send people to Moon

China Plus Published: 2018-03-13 13:39:04
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A model of China's Yutu moon rover [File Photo:]

A model of China's Yutu moon rover [File Photo:]

A "super plan" for China's space missions in the next couple decades includes moon landings, a Mars probe and a space shuttle, reports China News Service. 

China is planning to launch a Mars probe that will be able to orbit, land on and roam the red planet in one mission in around 2020. 

A second mission will have the probe bring back samples from Mars, according to Yang Mengfei from the China Academy of Space Technology. 

The academy has also initiated research on a new manned spacecraft that can serve multi purposes including sending people to the Moon. 

China's Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is working on a new-generation space shuttle that will make space travel possible. 

Meanwhile, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is trying to lower space travel costs with reusable carriers. 

A heavy rocket that is designed for cargo and human transportation is expected to make its first flight in around 2030. 

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