Chengdu teacher applauded for no weekend homework in March

Sang Yarong China Plus Published: 2018-03-13 20:15:39
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A primary school teacher in Sichuan's capital, Chengdu, is reportedly being applauded for not giving out weekend homework through the month of March this year, reports the Chengdu Commercial Daily.

While some say the move may hurt the academic performance of the Grade 2 students she teaches, others - including many of the parents of the students - are in support of the idea.

[File photo: VCG]

[File photo: VCG]

Instead, Lu Yuanyuan has asked students to take part in outdoor activities, including taking pictures of blooming trees in preparation for a themed exhibition at the end of March.

"March is the best time for hiking," said Lu. "Children don't have to stay home and do homework on the weekends. They should walk in nature and feel the sunshine and observe vital life."

Addressing the opening of this year's "Two Sessions," Premier Li Keqiang announced the government will "give attention to addressing the problem of heavy extracurricular burdens on primary and secondary school students" in his government work report.

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