Is it a rock or a mountain?

Ding Xiaoxiao and Liang Wenxi China Plus Published: 2018-03-21 19:04:50
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A 0.6-meter-tall rock in Shouguang, east China's Shandong Province has raised netizens' curiosity, after it was revealed that locals have considered it a mountain.

Mountain Jing in east China's Shandong Province [Photo:]

Mountain Jing in east China's Shandong Province [Photo:]

On Tuesday, a video of it went viral on Weibo, one of China's popular social media platforms, reported

One netizen commented: "This is a mountain? I'd like to find out the definition of a mountain."

Local people once deemed it a rock and tried but failed to remove it. So it got the name Mount Jing, which means "immovable."

According to the county annals of Shouguang, the 1.24 meter-long, 0.7-meter-wide Mount Jing is the only mountain in this area, with a history of over 100 years.

Mountain Jing in different seasons [Photo:]

Mountain Jing in different seasons [Photo:]

Now the mountain has become a key protection unit in Shouguang City, and relevant protective measures have been issued to protect it.

The mountain has become viral among netizens, who say that they can reach the top in just one step.

One photographer in Shouguang City took a group of photos of the mountain, showing it in different seasons.

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