China approves establishment of Westlake University

Xinhua Published: 2018-04-02 16:57:11
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China's education ministry has approved the establishment of Westlake University, a private university aiming to join the ranks of world-class research-oriented institutes, the university said Monday.

An artist's impression of Westlake University's main campus. [File Photo:]

An artist's impression of Westlake University's main campus. [File Photo:]

Located in the scenic West Lake area in the east China city of Hangzhou, Westlake University will focus on basic academic research as well as cutting-edge disciplines, aiming to train top-level innovative talent.

Established on the basis of Westlake Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS), Westlake University will prioritize research areas in natural science, medical science, and advanced technology.

The university will first offer doctoral education and start undergraduate programs "at an appropriate time," it said.

It has admitted the first group of 19 doctoral candidates and plans to enroll 130 more this year.

The non-profit university will be funded by a foundation and run by a board of directors.

The establishment of Westlake University was first proposed by a group of top Chinese academics in 2015. 

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