Professor gives up Yale tenure for Chinese post

China Plus Published: 2018-04-16 17:11:23
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Xu Tian [File Photo:]

Xu Tian [File Photo:]

Chinese biologist Xu Tian has given up tenure at Yale University in the US to work as a chair professor at Westlake University in Hangzhou, reports the Zhejiang News. 

Xu Tian says he made the decision to work on education and innovation, suggesting Westlake University has the potential to provide him with opportunities to explore those areas. 

Xu has a doctorate from Yale, and served as the vice chair of the Department of Genetics at Yale for 15 years. 

During his time in Yale, his lab discovered the genes and transduction pathways associated with growth regulation. This has helped contribute to cancer and rare disease diagnosis. 

Westlake University, a private university, was officially established in Hangzhou earlier this month. 

It's mandate is to train top level talent and join the ranks of world-class research institutes. 

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