New generation of high-speed train world's longest

Sang Yarong China Plus Published: 2018-06-09 17:38:27
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China has built a new generation of its Fuxing bullet train that is over 400 meters long, making it the longest train of its kind in the world, reports Beijing Youth Daily.

A new Fuxing bullet train [Photo: People’s Daily]

A new Fuxing bullet train [Photo: People’s Daily]

The new train has 16 carriages compared to the usual eight, and can carry 1,193 passengers. The additional capacity is expected to allow the train to meet the needs of peak travel times, such as the annual Spring Festival travel rush.

The train, known by the technical designation CR400BF-A, can run at 350 kilometers per hour. It will reportedly enter into service on July 1 on the line between Beijing and Shanghai.

Wi-Fi access on the new train has been upgraded to provide passengers with better Internet access. And USB ports have been added into the back of the train's seats.

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