China recognizes Indian airline's website change on Taiwan

Xinhua Published: 2018-07-05 21:00:48
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Air India's practice of changing "Taiwan" to "Chinese Taipei" on its website deserves recognition, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday.

An Air India Airbus plane.[File Photo: VCG]

An Air India Airbus plane.[File Photo: VCG]

Air India, India's national carrier, recently changed the designation of "Taiwan" to "Chinese Taipei" on its website.

"The Chinese government's position on this issue is very clear. India and other countries are also very clear about this," spokesperson Lu Kang told a regular press briefing.

He said Air India's practice showed "respect for the objective fact, common sense and international consensus that there is only one China in the world and that Taiwan is a part of China."

"Respecting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, abiding by Chinese law and respecting Chinese people's feelings are the fundamental guidelines for any foreign enterprise operating in China," Lu noted. 

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