Points system launched for green card program

China Plus Published: 2018-07-07 18:46:23
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Authorities in Beijing's technology hub, Zhongguancun, has launched a new assessment program for foreigners hoping to achieve a Chinese green card.

Foreign entrepreneurs and employees who work in Zhongguancun can apply for a Chinese green card through evaluation credits. The application period is from July 23rd to the 31st.

Beijing zhongguancun foreigners service hall [Photo: IC]

Beijing zhongguancun foreigners service hall.  [Photo: Xinhua]

In March, 2016, China's Ministry of Public Security issued twenty immigration policies to support innovative development of Beijing, involving two category policies that related to acquirement Chinese green cards: the first category is direct application, such as the application for higher-level foreign talent. The second category is the application by evaluation credits, mainly aimed at foreign talents who could not meet the application standard of high level foreign talents but who have made positive contributions to the innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun.

The "Green Card" evaluation policy is mainly applicable to two categories of foreigners. The first category is the expatriates of Zhongguancun entrepreneurial team, who require their enterprises to be registered in Zhongguancun area, and to be the director of the enterprise and above. The second type is the foreign technical talents selected by Zhongguancun enterprises, who are required to hold the positions of corporate director or above, or the head of a technical research and development team.

The foreign members of the Zhongguancun entrepreneurial team applied for the assessment criteria of permanent residence points in China, and set up eight first-degree indicators and several second-level indicators, including education background, age, length of work in China, and working methods, with emphasis on the expectations of the development of the entrepreneurial team and the contribution of foreign members to Zhongguancun in terms of technology, investment, team, etc.

The foreign technical talents selected and employed by enterprises in the area apply for the assessment criteria of permanent residence points in China, with particular emphasis on the actual working ability of foreign technical personnel. Whether they are the technical talents in urgent need of shortage in Zhongguancun or they can bring social benefits and other aspects of contributions to enterprise and Zhongguancun is very important.

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