Woman spends half a million yuan saving stray dogs in Xi'an

Liang Wenxi China Plus Published: 2018-08-04 20:06:32
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Xu Wanli, a senior executive at a logistics company, has spent half a million yuan (about 73,000 U.S. dollars) building 37 kennels for about 1,000 stray dogs rescued from the streets of the city of Xi'an in northwest China.

The stray dogs and their kennels. [Photo: hsw.cn]

The stray dogs and their kennels. [Photo: hsw.cn]

According to a report by hsw.cn, Xu rented an area in a local village in 2016, and started building the kennels. On the night of July 1, 2016 the kennels were completed. That same night, a vehicle arrived carrying more than 300 rescued strays. "Most of the stray dogs were abandoned due to illness. I just want a place where stray dogs can live and their diseases can be treated," Xu said.

Two people work at the kennels to manage the medical treatment of the dogs. There is a kitchen and a pharmacy on site, and local epidemic prevention departments visit regularly to provide vaccinations.

Xu says that running the kennels is costly work, but it is helped by donations of dog food from non-profit organizations.

The kennels have saved about 1,000 stray dogs so far. When the dogs are healthy, they are put up for adoption.

Xu calls on dog owners to be responsible for their pets, so that the problem of stray dogs can be stopped at the source.

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