Revised regulations on CPC disciplinary actions become effective

Xinhua Published: 2018-10-01 16:51:02
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The revised regulations on disciplinary actions of the Communist Party of China (CPC) became effective Monday.

[File photo: VCG]

[File photo: VCG]

The regulations, published on Aug. 26, have undergone two revisions in the past three years, showing the CPC's determination to impose strict Party discipline.

Disciplinary guidelines on inconsistency with the CPC Central Committee concerning matters of principle were added.

Disciplinary guidelines on forming interest groups, not or partially implementing decisions by the CPC Central Committee and actions such as making and spreading political rumors that endanger the unity and solidarity of the Party were also added.

Disciplinary guidelines on actions of disloyalty and dishonesty to the Party, such as double-dealing and duplicity, were added.

Disciplinary guidelines on disrupting disciplinary inspections or failing to implement rectification measures after inspections were added.

Promulgation and implementation of the revised regulations will continually make disciplinary enforcement more politically oriented, up-to-date and targeted. 

More strategic outcomes will be achieved in excising governance over the Party fully and with rigor, with more scientific, rigorous and effective thinking and initiatives. 

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