China's northeastern old industrial base wooing overseas talent

Xinhua Published: 2018-10-12 06:55:24
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China's northeastern province Liaoning is luring overseas talent in a fresh effort to reshape the old heavy industrial base.

Dalian city of Liaoning province [File photo: VCG]

Dalian city of Liaoning province [File Photo: VCG]

At an event held Thursday in London to promote the province's policy initiatives, Liaoning identified high-end equipment manufacturing, next generation information technology, artificial intelligence, new material, new energy, and aerospace as key areas to attract global expertise.

According to local officials, the rejuvenation of Liaoning depends on innovation and expertise while the province has "competitive and feasible policies" for luring global talent.

They say the Dalian high-tech industrial zone has made achievements in attracting cutting-edge technologies, new industries and high-caliber talent.

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