Panama photo exhibition held at Beijing high school

China Plus Published: 2018-11-30 20:06:11
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A photo exhibition of cultural and tourist attractions in Panama has been held at a school in Beijing.

It was held ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the Latin American country which forged diplomatic relations with China last year.

Themed "Riquezas," which means "Richness and fertility" in Spanish, the two-week event grants visitors a photographic feast of Panama, through the lens of two well-known Panamanian photographers.

Photos displaying the cultural and tourist attractions of Panama are seen at Duyu School in Beijing on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018. [Photo: China Plus/Chen Fei]

Photos displaying the cultural and tourist attractions of Panama are seen at Duyu School in Beijing on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018. [Photo: China Plus/Chen Fei]

Dayu School in western Beijing, one of two venues, hosted the second half of the exhibition which lasted a week.

Sixteen year old Zong Yiwen says that she is fascinated by the charming Panamanian scenery.

"The photo exhibition has guided me to enjoy a lot of natural scenery and landscapes in Panama. I think it helps me broaden my horizons, and makes me start yearning for the country."

Her friend, 16-year-old Chai Xingyue, is impressed by the unique Panamanian architecture.

"Some architectural styles there, including some natural landscapes, make you feel that the place is very warm, and full of vibrancy. It makes me want to travel to Panama, and experience local customs."

Chai says she loves Panama's iconic twisted spiral tower most.

Dayu School Principal Cao Yanyan says the event not only helps students to learn of Panama, but may also contribute to future China-Panama relations.

"The photo exhibition enables children to have access to a perceptual recognition of Panama, a country which they were not quite familiar with before as it recently established diplomatic relations with China. Current children are future participants in international affairs. And what they learn today could sow the seeds of friendship in their hearts, and may benefit the development of China-Panama relations"

The headmaster says her school has already established a sister-like relationship with a Panamanian school, and the two sides will construct network-based courses for further exchanges.

Counselor Carlos Ching at the Embassy of Panama in China speaks highly of the exhibition for helping Chinese locals enhance their understanding of Panama.

"I am very happy to attend the closing ceremony of the event. The exhibition is of great significance for us, as it allows Chinese people to know more about us such as our culture, tourism resources, etc. And that's what we've always been hoping for."

The Panamanian counselor says he cherishes the long-standing friendship between China and Panama, and is vowing to continue to strengthen bilateral ties in the hope of more bridges of communications to be built at different levels in the future.

The counselor welcomes Chinese nationals to travel to Panama to experience the warmth of its people.

He is also inviting Chinese visitors to take Panama as a bridge to explore the Latin American region.

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