First 5G subway station put into service in Chengdu

China Plus Published: 2019-01-06 16:04:23
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Sichuan Mobile officially announced Saturday that China's fist 5G subway station is put into service in Chengdu, following the opening of the country's first 5G demonstration block in the city in 2018.

[File Photo:IC]

[File Photo:IC]

The 5G base station is placed by Sichuan Mobile at the Taipingyuan Station of the city's Subway line 10. High-speed WIFI signal converted from 5G network covers the entire station hall.

It is the first 5G digital indoor distribution system network based on the 2.6GHz frequency range in China.

The previously 5G base stations are mainly deployed outdoors to expand the breadth of 5G networks, while the indoor distribution system is used to solve the deep coverage problem of 5G networks with the aim to enable 5G network signals to cover every corner of the room.

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