Man rescued after 7 days trapped in mountain

China Plus Published: 2019-02-12 13:10:24
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A man surnamed Luo had a pretty rough Spring Festival this year. He went to climb a mountain on Spring Festival eve in Fangshan, Beijing. He chose this day hoping to seek good omen for the New Year, but the effort backfired. He fell off a cliff and got himself trapped on the mountain for 7 days. He was found and rescued by a group of mountain climbers yesterday. They heard him cry for help in a weak voice. Da Hai, one of the mountain climbers, waited on the mountain while others went down and called for help from the rescue team.

Luo was found by the rescue team.[Photo: Beijing Evening News]

Luo was found by the rescue team.[Photo: Beijing Evening News]

The Fangshan rescue team went up the mountain around 3pm on February 10th and found Luo after one hour's search. Luo was very weak, but is otherwise in good condition.

When asked how he survived the past seven days, Luo said he has a strong desire to live and he relied on his army coat to keep him warm. The leader of the rescue team said that fallen leaves also helped him to keep warm at night. But his survival is still a miracle because Beijing's winter nights are very cold and Luo had been trapped for a week.

Luo was given water an energy drink immediately. He was later taken to the hospital by ambulance.

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