Son of French doctor helps China France communications

China Plus Published: 2019-03-24 20:21:21
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The file photo shows Jean-Louis Bussière.[Photo:China Plus]

The file photo shows Jean-Louis Bussière.[Photo:China Plus]

Five years ago, Chinese president Xi Jinping paid tribute to a French doctor who risked his life delivering life-saving medicines to Chinese soldiers in the war against Japanese invaders.

Now his son is continuing with his legacy by promoting cultural communications between China and France.

During his state visit to France in 2014, President Xi Jinping highly praised Dr. Jean-Augustin Bussière's contribution and his friendship with the Chinese people.

Jean-Louis Bussière said his father had always stood by the Chinese people during the War of Resistance against the Japanese Agression.

"During the war, transportation became very difficult. It's even harder to transport supplies out of Beijing, as Japanese army set up military blockade almost everywhere. My father transported medicine and medical equipment at risk of his own life. He also transformed his clinic into a treatment center for the injured in the war. Some of his patients were Chinese soldiers from front lines."

The file photo shows Jean-Augustin Bussière was treating a patient in China.[Photo:China Plus]

The file photo shows Jean-Augustin Bussière was treating a patient in China.[Photo:China Plus]

Bussiere senior came to China in 1913 as the head physician for the French Legation and the director of a French hospital. He lived through many changes in China and returned to France in the early 1950s at the age of 82.

During his 40-year stay in China, Bussiere Senior was known to have treated the poor for free.

He also transported medicines for the Chinese army by bike during the occupation of Japan.

In a speech delivered during his 2014 visit to mark the 50th anniversary of China-France ties, Xi Jinping dubbed this medical transport route as the Hump by bike.

Bussiere junior still remembers the moment when he was received by the Chinese leader five years ago.

"For all of us, for me myself, it was a significant moment. I was particularly moved by president Xi speech at the French foreign ministry in which he mentioned my father's efforts in offering medical help in China."

Bussiere Junior also spoke of the time he first received an invitation to travel to Beijing.

During that trip, he visited the place where his father once lived.

"In 2014, I first visited the Bussiere's Garden and felt very excited. I used to see the garden only in old photos taken fifty years ago. I found the garden had been renovated and opened to the public, which specially moved me a lot. That moment was unforgettable. "

Since then, Bussiere Junior has traveled to China regularly every year.

His family has also set up Bussiere Association which is dedicated to promoting bilateral cultural exchanges in the name of his father.

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