China's government investigating FedEx for diverting Huawei parcels

China Plus Published: 2019-06-14 19:24:53
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China's government sent a Notice of Inquiry to FedEx on Friday as it launched an official investigation into the American express delivery company after it diverted several parcels sent by the tech company Huawei.

[File Photo: IC]

[File Photo: IC]

Huawei claimed last month that FedEx diverted two parcels to the United States that were destined for Huawei addresses in Asia. Huawei claims FedEx also attempted to reroute two other parcels. In all cases, the diversion occurred without authorization from Huawei.

FedEx later apologized, claiming that the mishandling of the packages was an error, and that its actions did not involve any third parties.

Despite the apology, China's government decided to open an investigation into the actions of FedEx on the suspicion that it had undermined the legitimate rights and interests of a client in China.

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