13-year-old steals car, drives to school

China Plus Published: 2019-10-21 14:49:11
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A 13-year-old boy has been busted after he stole a car and drove it to school in Chongqing.

A car owner known by her surname Chen reported her car stolen to police when she found it missing from a parking lot where she had left it. Police investigations revealed that a boy who lives in the same neighborhood as Chen got into the car which was unlocked, found the key inside and drove away.

[Photo from Guangzhou Pulic Security Bureau's Weibo account]

[Photo from Guangzhou Pulic Security Bureau's Weibo account]

Surveillance footage shows the young thief with the surname Zhou parked the stolen car in another parking lot nearby and went home, according to a report by huanqiu.com.

Zhou drove to school and back in the black Audi sedan the next day, and was arrested by police who were waiting for him at the parking lot.

Nothing missing from inside the car, but it did have a scratch on the outside. Authorities decided not to charge Zhou since he is a minor. Zhou's custodian and the car owner have reached an agreement on the appropriate compensation.

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