Greek president says upcoming B&R forum of global significance

Xinhua Published: 2017-04-21 02:12:30
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Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos (R) meets with Cai Mingzhao, president of Xinhua News Agency in Athens on April 20, 2017. [Photo: Xinhua]

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos (R) meets with Cai Mingzhao, president of Xinhua News Agency in Athens on April 20, 2017. [Photo: Xinhua]

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said here Thursday that the upcoming high-level forum on the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative is of global significance.

The forum, to be held in Beijing in May, is important not only to China but also to the whole world, as it will greatly advance the process of globalization, Pavlopoulos said in a meeting with Cai Mingzhao, president of Xinhua News Agency.

The forum, the Greek leader said, will prove that in the new historical era, China will play an important role in promoting the harmonious coexistence of countries in the world.

Noting that China has conducted constructive cooperation with many countries along the B&R, he added that the forum is a very good occasion for strengthening communication.

The Greek leader said he is pleased with the sound China-Greece cooperation as well as cooperation between China and the European Union (EU).

He stressed that it bears importance for a strong EU and a strong China to enhance bilateral cooperation and pledged Greece's consistent commitment to the partnership.

The president also thanked China for continuing its investment in Greece during the worst period of the country's economic crisis.

In addition, Pavlopoulos congratulated Xinhua and state-run Athens News Agency on their signing of a new cooperation agreement, saying he is happy to see the two agencies continually promoting cooperation, which he said plays a significant role in enhancing friendship between the two nations.

Cai, for his part, said that he is happy to see the improvement of economic conditions in Greece, and that he hopes the Greek people will soon overcome the difficulties and realize healthy economic development.

As China's state news agency, Xinhua will provide positive and healthy news products to the people of China and Greece, build a bridge for bilateral information exchanges, and contribute to furthering the two countries' friendship, he added.

At least 28 heads of state and government are expected to attend the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, making it the highest-profile international meeting on the B&R Initiative since China first proposed it in 2013.  

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