Gabonese Minister of Economy visited China, deepened bilateral economic and commercial cooperation

CCTV Published: 2017-08-11 13:37:59
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The Gabonese Minister of Economy, Prospect and Program of Development, Mr. Régis Immongault Tatagani visited China between August 6 and August 9, 2017.

During the visit, the Minister initiated positive dialogues with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Export-Import Bank of China, China State Construction Engineering Corporation and other public and private companies around the topic of the Emerging Gabon Strategic Plan as well as echoing Gabon’s support of “One Belt One Road” Initiative.

The Minister introduced in details about Gabon’s investment policies, economic situation and future outlooks to all the above-mentioned organizations and corporations, and also reached an agreement about deepening bilateral economic and commercial cooperation between Gabon and China.

In addition, the Minister  initiated a dialogue between China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau and other companies who had expressed their willingness to invest in Gabon.In order to attract more Chinese investment and diversify Gabon’s economic structure, the Minister also held a conference that brought together companies from many different sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism, Mining and so on. Special Advisor of the Gabonese President, Charge d’Affaires of the Gabonese Embassy, the Economic and Commercial Consul and the Cultural Consul also participated in the visit.

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