Solomon Islands cuts 'diplomatic ties' with Taiwan

CGTN Published: 2019-09-16 22:16:45
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The government of Solomon Islands voted on Monday that they will sever "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan, Taiwan's CNA reported.

Aerial view of Taipei. [File Photo: IC]

Aerial view of Taipei. [File Photo: IC]

The Solomon Islands, consisting of over 900 islands, is a sovereign state in Oceania with a population of over 600,000.

The CNA cited Solomon Islands' local media The Island Sun News' source saying the Solomons government is going to deport the "ambassador" from Taiwan.

According to a Facebook post, the government of the Solomon Islands believed the "ambassador" has been interfering in its internal affairs.

When answering a question about the Solomon Islands' likely breaking "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Chinese State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, noted on Wednesday that the one-China principle is a norm of international relations and universal consensus in the international society.

"Conforming to this trend of the times is the choice of most countries," Ma said, adding that China currently maintains diplomatic relations with 178 countries, and this trend will go further.

Solomon Islands is the sixth country Taiwan loses as a "diplomatic ally" since Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, following Burkina Faso, the Dominican Republic, Sao Tome and Principe, Panama, and El Salvador.

The number of Taiwan's remaining allies has shrunk to 16.

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