China appreciates Kiribati's decision to sever "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan

Xinhua Published: 2019-09-20 16:36:16
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China highly appreciates the decision of the Kiribati government to recognize the one-China principle and break off so-called "diplomatic relations" with the Taiwan authorities, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said Friday.

The government of Kiribati announced earlier Friday its decision to recognize the one-China principle, sever "ties" with Taiwan and resume diplomatic relations with China, according to media reports.

"We support this important decision which Kiribati government has made on its own as an independent sovereign state," Geng said at a press briefing.

A view of Kiribati [File photo: IC]

A view of Kiribati [File photo: IC]

Geng stressed that there is but one China in the world, that the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government that represents the whole of China and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory. "This is approved by United Nations resolutions and the universal consensus of the international community," Geng said.

"On the basis of the one-China principle, China has established official diplomatic relations with 178 countries around the world," Geng noted.

The decisions of the Solomon Islands and Kiribati to recognize the one-China principle, cut "ties" with Taiwan and to establish or resume diplomatic relations with China in the last few days have again fully demonstrated that the one-China principle meets the shared aspiration of the people and constitutes an irresistible trend of the times, Geng added.

Relations between China and Pacific island nations are maintaining rapid growth, he said. "Despite the twists and turns of China-Kiribati ties, people of the two countries hold amicable feelings towards each other all the time."

China stands ready to work with Kiribati to open a new chapter of bilateral relations, said the spokesperson.

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