'Wolf Warrior 2' breaks box office record

China Plus/China Daily Published: 2017-08-09 08:57:25
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Domestic action film "Wolf Warrior 2" topped the box office with an unprecedented number, grossing 3.6 billion yuan, or roughly 537 million US dollars in just 15 days, breaking the record previously held by Steven Chow's fantasy comedy "The Mermaid," which reached 3.39 billion yuan in ticket sales last year.

Wu Jing in "Wolf Warrior 2." [Photo: Mtime]

Wu Jing in "Wolf Warrior 2." [Photo: Mtime]

"Wolf Warrior 2," directed by and starring action star Wu Jing, is now China's top grossing film, shattering records at an astonishing speed since its release on July 28th.

Not only has the box office record turned out to be excellent, but also the audiences spoke highly of the film.

"This is the best homemade film I've seen this year."

"The scene, the atmosphere, the wholeness of the story, the characters are all very good."

"After viewing, I think the special effect is really strong and comparable with an American blockbuster."

"I feel particularly excited, as long as there is 'Wolf Warrior 3,' I certainly will come."

"Wolf Warrior 2" is the sequel of "Wolf Warrior," but the story background moved from the Chinese border to Africa in the latest movie. "Wolf Warrior 2" tells the story of Leng Feng, a former Chinese Special Forces operative played by Wu Jing, who adventures to rescue compatriots and local friends in a war-torn region of Africa occupied by insurgents and mercenaries.

Wu said compared with the original "Wolf Warrior," the latest movie gave him more pressure during the filming process.

"When I was in the first 'Wolf Warrior,' I could say I was a dark horse. Now I am under more pressure. I need to not only make the movie well but also show the audiences the Chinese people's strength, feelings and understanding of the film and the film industry."

Many believe the success of "Wolf Warrior 2" has brought more confidence to a cooling domestic film market this year.

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