Acclaimed Chinese writer sues sexual harassment accuser

Li Haowei China Plus Published: 2017-08-24 16:03:52
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One of the best-selling young writers in China, Guo Jingming, is suing fellow writer Li Feng for libel, after he accused Guo of sexual harassment during a book signing business trip in Chengdu,southwest China.

Young writer Guo Jingming

Young writer Guo Jingming

Guo's lawyers say they are collecting evidence and are launching a lawsuit. If found guilty, Li could face a jail sentence of up to three years, reports 

The case relates to comments made by Li on his personal Weibo account on August 21, in which he described events that took place at a hotel room in Chengdu where the two writers were attending book signing ceremonies. Li invited followers to discuss how to deal with such a situation, saying he wanted to protect others from falling into the same trap.

Guo has denied Li's accusations. 

A screenshot of Guo Jingming's response on Weibo [Photo:]

A screenshot of Guo Jingming's response on Weibo [Photo:]

According to Yi Shenghua from Beijing's Yingke Law Firm, although same-sex indecency is illegal, Li Feng will need to prove that Guo sexually assaulted him in order to counter the libel charges.

"If other victims come forward, helping to testify against Guo, Li Feng still could win the case," says Yi Shenghua.

Yi said that Guo Jingming wanted Li to face criminal penalties, so as to prove his determination and innocence.

Writer Li Feng

Writer Li Feng

In such 'moral' cases, courts usually advise mediation to reconcile the two sides.

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