Air force film 'Sky Hunter' set for September release in China

China Plus Published: 2017-09-07 08:43:05
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A poster for 'Sky Hunter' featuring director and actor Li Chen [Photo: Xinhua]

A poster for "Sky Hunter" featuring director and actor Li Chen [Photo: Xinhua]

As Chinese movie "Wolf Warrior 2" climbs to new record highs at the box office, another military-themed film is set to hit Chinese theaters later this month.

"Sky Hunter" comes as the directorial debut of actor Li Chen. Unlike "Wolf Warrior 2," whose main character is a former Chinese special forces agent, "Sky Hunter" tells the story of a team of current Chinese Air Force pilots as they fight to protect national interests and regional peace.

Besides directing the film, Li Chen, a well-known actor here in China, also stars in it, along with his real life girlfriend and super star Fan Bingbing.

Wang Qianyuan (L), Li Chen (C) and Fan Bingbing (R) promote "Sky Hunter" in Beijing recently. [Photo:]

Wang Qianyuan (L), Li Chen (C) and Fan Bingbing (R) promote "Sky Hunter" in Beijing recently. [Photo:]

The pair have reportedly taken zero compensation for appearing in the film.

"Working on 'Sky Hunter' has fulfilled a flying dream of mine. I am a military fan, and to me, the Air Force has always been a very mysterious but appealing component of the military. The freedom and elegance it exhibits as it flies in the sky are qualities that many young people yearn for," explained Li during a recent promotion of the film in Beijing. 

"Sky Hunter" is set to be released on the Chinese mainland on September 30.

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