Dozens of new British theatre shows to be screened in China

China Plus Published: 2017-11-12 15:07:51
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A recording of a new production of William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," featuring Tamsin Grieg as Malvolio, will be broadcast in cinemas in China, along with dozens of other titles, according to ATW Culture, a Chinese company dedicated to screening the world’s best theatre productions to China.

A file photo of Matthew Bourne's interpretation of "Swan Lake" [Photo provided to China Plus]

A file photo of Matthew Bourne's interpretation of "Swan Lake" [Photo provided to China Plus]

Amongst the hit shows to be broadcast in China next year are the London-based National Theatre’s acclaimed revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman's musical "Follies," the first production at Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr's brand new Bridge Theatre production "Young Marx," and "Julius Caesar" as part of "Rome MMXVII" by the Royal Shakespeare Company. 

Outside the United Kingdom, Broadway HD will present two new Tony Award-winning productions "Indecent" and "Present Laughter," and Stage Russia HD will bring "The Seagull," a classic play by Chekhov.

Meanwhile, the scope of the projects in early 2018 will span from theatre productions to dance and exhibitions.

Matthew Bourne and his company New Adventure will return to China once again with revivals of three classic stories "Swan Lake," "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Car Man."

The exhibition of “Hokusai: Mitsubishi” from the British Museum, alongside the exhibition “David Bowie Is” from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, will also be brought to China via the project. 

Theatre productions in the form of cinema screenings were first introduced to China in 2015. 

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