'Avengers: Infinity War' tops China's box office

Xu Fei China Plus Published: 2018-05-13 08:59:50
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"Avengers: Infinity War," the first Hollywood production filmed with only IMAX digital cameras, has now stood at the top of the domestic box office. The film has managed to achieve an unprecedented gross of over one billion yuan in just three days since its debut in China.

A poster for "Avengers: Infinity War" [Photo provided to China Plus]

A poster for "Avengers: Infinity War" [Photo provided to China Plus]

The hit movie is now available in more than 500 IMAX theatres on the Chinese mainland. Before its debut in China, "Avengers: Infinity War" had reached 1.25 billion US dollars at the global box office within 11 days since its release. 

According to Maoyan, a major film database in China, the film is expected to storm into the top ten highest-grossing films of all time globally.

That's in large part due to the fact that the Marvel film is finally opening in China, where interest in it has hit record highs, as it offers more than just one superhero. 

The "Avengers" series has been quite a sensation in the Chinese film market. 

"Infinity War" is expected to set a new Chinese record for superhero movies, with box office figures forecast to surpass the 1.46 billion yuan made by "Avengers: Age of Ultron" three years ago.

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