La Liga coming to China?

​Rupert Reid Published: 2017-09-13 19:04:49
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Football matches in Spain's La Liga could be held in China under new plans to reach a wider audience.

Discussions are already underway about the plans, which could see Spanish top-flight games held abroad as soon as next season.

Barcelona's famous Camp Nou stadium. [Photo: VCG]

Barcelona's famous Camp Nou stadium. [Photo: VCG]

As well as potential games in China, La Liga could also see matched held in the USA, amongst other countries.

La Liga's desire to reach a greater number of Chinese fans is understandable.

The annual 'Red Card' survey of football clubs' digital success in China has shown the popularity of European teams in the country.

That survey revealed that Spanish clubs (perhaps predictably, Real Madrid and Barcelona!) comprise just two of the top ten teams amongst Chinese fans.

Here's the list in full:

1) Bayern Munich

2) Manchester United

3) Liverpool

4) Real Madrid

5) Arsenal

6) Barcelona

7) AC Milan

8) Tottenham Hotspur

9) Manchester City

10) Paris Saint-Germain

Playing matches in China would help to expose more teams to fans in the Country, who would also have the opportunity to see some of the world's top players in live action.

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