BMW will stop selling diesel cars in America

China Plus Published: 2018-09-12 20:51:09
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BMW spokesman, Alexander Schmuck, has announced that the company will stop selling its diesel-powered cars in American market next year. He was speaking at the press preview for the company's redesigned 2019 X5 crossover SUV in Atlanta.

BMW SUV X5 [Photo:IC]

BMW SUV X5 [Photo:IC]

The decision was made following a shrinking market for diesel-powered cars in America and a recent one billion euro trail against Volkswagen, a giant automaker, over allegations of cheating on diesel emissions. The incident has hit the diesel-powered car market hard in America. Meanwhile, another giant auto-maker, Mercedes-Benz, also announced to retrieve from the market next year.

BMW SUV(Off-Road Vehicle) X5, which was once the most popular diesel-powered car model in the American market, will no longer appear on the BMW product launch in 2019. BMW will continue selling a few diesel-powered cars models X5,i3 and i5 in the market this year.

Schmuck said, BMW is focusing on its PHEV(plug in hybrid electric vehicle) cars now. Statistics revealed that PHEV car sales increased during the last year and a half in American market and the sales of diesel-powered cars were declining.

Schmuck says BMW will release a PHEV car,xDrive45e,in 2020 and the company plans to release 25 of its electric vehicles by 2025.

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