Argentinians with enhanced understanding of China have high expectations for President Xi's visit

Zhou Fang China Plus Published: 2018-11-30 21:25:50
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Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Buenos Aires in Argentina for the G20 Summit, along with a state visit.

Many Argentinians have high hopes for what can be achieved during these two major events.

In the lead up to the G20 in Buenos Aires, along with the state visit, many Argentinians spoke highly of the potential of President Xi Jinping's visit to be a milestone for promoting the shared development of both China and Argentina.

Chinese people in Argentina are welcoming President Xi Jinping upon his arrival in Buenos Aires for the G20 and a state visit. [Photo: IC]

Chinese people in Argentina are welcoming President Xi Jinping upon his arrival in Buenos Aires for the G20 and a state visit. [Photo: IC]

Nicolas Damin is an Argentinian professor of sociology who has worked in China for many years. He's amazed at the myriad changes that have taken place in China over the past few decades.

"As a sociology professor, I have lived and worked in China for many years, so I've been able to witness all of the myriad changes in China. What interests me a lot is China's great efforts to fight against poverty, and its dedication to making the environment better, as well as the high-tech advances in information and network technology. I'm really impressed by all of this. " 

Professor Damin also hails President Xi Jinping's visit as a gesture of support for the G20, and for its importance to the further development of bilateral relations.

"President Xi Jinping's visit is of great significance in the following two respects. First, it shows China's support for the G20 and Argentina's proposals for free trade and multilateralism to resolve frictions and ensure world peace. Second, this is the second visit by the Chinese President during his term. China's support to Argentina lies not only in the currency swap agreement, but also infrastructure. Argentina and China have gradually become complementary partners under the guidance of the development policies advocated by the Chinese leader."

China and Argentina established diplomatic ties in 1972, and bilateral relations have been on good terms ever since. They were given a boost with the signing of strategic partnership agreements in 2004 and 2014. Now, many people in Argentina are expecting more agreements to be signed, which will strengthen the bonds between the two countries.

Jesica Moretti, an Argentinian university student with an interest in international politics, highlights the important role for the G20 Summit in ending conflicts and providing opportunities for open dialogue.

"Both China's president and many prominent foreign dignitaries will attend the summit. The G20 Summit provides a great opportunity for them to understand different cultures and seek common ground. Dialogue is the most suitable and effective approach for ending conflicts and wars. I hope President Xi Jinping's visit and the G20 Summit will reap fruitful results."

According to China's Foreign Ministry, cooperation between China and Argentina has already become a model for the developing world and other emerging economies.

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