Cambodian toddler eaten alive by crocodiles

China Plus Published: 2019-07-05 11:15:15
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A crocodile pit [Photo:]

A crocodile pit [Photo:]

Rom Roath Neary was killed by crocodiles at her home in Siem Reap, the capital of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia, reported the Independent, a British online newspaper.

The toddler was at home with her mother and a newborn baby when the incident occurred. The mother was caring for the newborn and did not notice that the little girl had left the house and was playing around her family's crocodile farm.

Local police confirmed that the baby girl fell into a crocodile pit.

She was not seen alive again.

Later her father found only her skull in the enclosure.

The parents had built a fence around the crocodile pit but the gaps in it were big enough for the toddler to go through.

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