US delays tariffs on some Chinese goods, drops others

China Plus Published: 2019-08-13 22:34:11
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The United States is delaying tariffs on Chinese-made cellphones, laptop computers and other items and removing other Chinese imports from its target list altogether in a move that triggered a rally on Wall Street.

[File photo: IC]

[File photo: IC]

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative says it is still planning to go ahead with 10% tariffs on about $300 billion in Chinese imports Sept. 1, extending the import taxes on just about everything China ships to the United States.

But the agency says it would delay the tariffs to Dec. 15 tariffs on some goods, including cellphones, laptop computers, video game consoles, some toys, computer monitors, shoes and clothing. And it's removing other items from the list based "on health, safety, national security and other factors."

(Story includes material sourced from AP.)

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