Lesson 137 In the Office (1) 第一百三十七课 在办公室(1)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-01-04 11:40:11
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 Lesson 137 In the Office (1) 第一百三十七课 在办公室(1)

Cam: It’s time to perfect Chinese your way in only five minutes a day – welcome to Chinese Studio on CRI.  Wo shi Cam. 
YJ: And wo shi Yajie.  Cam, you can be really disorganized sometimes.
Cam: I know… I need to start putting things in filing cabinets and keeping track of my appointments.  And I might get some help with that this week on Chinese Studio.
YJ: Right. We are going to look at work, and staying organized.
Cam: Let’s Check Key Words of the Day.

Key Words of the Day 
office.办公室。(ban4gong1shi4) computer. 电脑。(dian4nao3) desk. 办公桌(ban4gong1zhuo1)。pen笔 (bi3). pencil. 铅笔(qian1bi3)。paper. 纸 (zhi3) My computer isn’t working. 我的电脑坏了。(wo3 de dian4nao3 huai4 le.) All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: The first word I want to learn is how to say office in Chinese.
YJ: Ok. It’s办公室。(ban4gong1shi4)
Cam: 办公室。(ban4gong1shi4)
YJ: 办公(ban4gong1) means to work 
Cam: 办公(ban4gong1)
YJ: 办公室。(ban4gong1shi4), office.
Cam: 办公室。(ban4gong1shi4)
YJ: Now let’s get to the appliances in 办公室。(ban4gong1shi4). I have to say the most commonly used one is computer. In Chinese you can say电脑。(dian4nao3)
Cam: 电脑。(dian4nao3),
YJ: which literally means “electronic brain”. 电脑。(dian4nao3)
Cam: that’s interesting to know. 电脑。(dian4nao3) Yajie, how do the Chinese say desk?  
YJ: It’s 办公桌(ban4gong1zhuo1)。
Cam: 办公桌(ban4gong1zhuo1)。
YJ: 桌(zhuo1) alone means desk. But since here we are talking about the office, so we put 办公(ban4gong1) in front. 办公桌(ban4gong1zhuo1)。
Cam: I see. 办公桌(ban4gong1zhuo1), desk.

Conversation 1:
(1) A:这是我的办公室。
B:嗯, 挺不错的!
(2) A:电脑放哪?
(3) A:你的手提电脑在哪呢?

Cam: Sometimes I can’t find my pen, and need to borrow one from my fellow colleagues. Could you please tell me how to say that in Chinese? 
YJ: you can just say 笔 (bi3), the third tone, it’s also a generic name.    
Cam: That’s easy, 笔 (bi3). Then what if I need to borrow a pencil?
YJ: It’s 铅笔(qian1bi3), 铅 (qian1)means lead in Chinese. I guess because it used to be made of lead. 
Cam: could be. 铅笔(qian1bi3), pencil. And also I need to borrow some “paper”…hehe? 
YJ: Cam, it’s 纸 (zhi3), z-h-i, the third tone. 
Cam: 纸 (zhi3). Easy.

Conversation 2:
(1) A: 你好,能借一支铅笔和一张纸吗?
B: 没问题。给你。

Cam: Yajie, unfortunately my computer isn’t working. And I need help from the technical guys. But first I need to tell them that in Chinese. 
YJ: ok, you can say我的电脑坏了。(wo3 de dian4nao3 huai4 le.)
Cam: 我的电脑坏了。(wo3 de dian4nao3 huai4 le.)
YJ: 我的(wo3 de), my. 
Cam: 我的(wo3 de
YJ: 电脑(dian4nao3), as we mentioned just now, it means computer. 
Cam: 电脑(dian4nao3), “electronic brain”, I remember. 
YJ: hehe, 坏了(huai4 le) here it means the machine can’t work. 
Cam: 坏了(huai4 le)
YJ: 我的电脑坏了。(wo3 de dian4nao3 huai4 le.) 
Cam: 我的电脑坏了。(wo3 de dian4nao3 huai4 le.) My computer isn’t working.

Conversation 3:
(1)A: 我的电脑坏了。能帮我修一下吗?
B: 没问题。

Cam: Well Yajie, this was a good starter lesson. I’m looking forward to learning more about working in an office. 
YJ: Congratulations, Mr. Mc Loures! Now for today’s question of the day. How do you say “My computer isn’t working” in Chinese
Cam: See ya tomorrow! 
YJ: Ming tian jian.

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