Lesson 145 Music (1) 第一百四十五课 音乐(1)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-03-08 11:59:46
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Lesson 145 Music (1) 第一百四十五课 音乐(1)

Cam: Welcome to Chinese Studio on CRI, wo shi Cam.
Yajie: And wo shi Yajie.  Cam, last week we talked about movies.  I am a big movie fan, but I know you are a much bigger fan of music!
Cam: I love music Yajie, and love listening to my iPod all the time… that was, until I forgot it in a taxi!
Yajie: That’s awful!  Well, this week we’ll talk all about music.  Let’s begin!

Key Words of the Day
Music 音乐pop singer 歌星, fans,歌迷,粉丝 concert,演唱会 When is it on? 什么时候播出?All in today’s Chinese studio

Cam: Yajie, as a big fan of music, I need to know how to say music in Chinese.
YJ: Sure. It’s yin1 yue4
Cam:  yin1 yue4. Yajie, I’d like to know how to say pop singer in Chinese. Like Avril Lavigne from Canada is a pop singer…
YJ: I see. You can say ge1 xing1.
Cam: ge1 xing1.
YJ: ge1 means song.
Cam: ge1
YJ: xing1, originally means a star in the sky, which we learned last week  Here it stands for a pop star.
Cam: xing1
YJ: ge1 xing1. pop singer
Cam: ge1 xing1.
YJ: We can also say “ge1 shou3” for an artist who writes and performs his or her own music. 
Cam: I see, ge1 shou3.

Conversation 1:

A: 你喜欢哪个歌手的音乐?
B: 我觉得许巍的音乐不错。

YJ: Cam, have you heard of the Chinese Supergirl contest?
Cam: Yes, I heard it’s quite popular among youngsters.
YJ: And it’s a successful Chinese version of “American Idol”
Cam: True. And these girls have lots of fans thanks to their good looks and fabulous voices. Yajie, I wonder how to say fans in Chinese? 
YJ: Oh it depends on what kind of fan you mean. For the fans of these pop singers, you can say “ge1 mi2”
Cam: ge1 mi2
YJ: ge1 means song.
Cam: ge1
YJ: mi2 an admirer or enthusiast
Cam: mi2
YJ: ge1 mi2,
Cam: ge1 mi2, fans of pop singer.
YJ: There is another popular saying. They are called “fen3 si1” in Chinese.
Cam: fen3 si1. What’s special about it, Yajie?
YJ: Originally fen3 si1 is a kind of food made of bean starch, and it’s pronunciation  is similar to the English word “fans”.  So people use this word to describe fans.
Cam: Interesting… fen3 si1.  Yajie, I also know the supergirls were having concerts around China. I’d like to know how to say concert in Chinese?
YJ: it’s yan3 chang4 hui4
Cam: yan3 chang4 hui4
YJ: yan3 chang4 means to sing,
Cam: yan3 chang4
YJ: hui4 here means a big gathering
Cam: hui4, a big gathering for pop stars and fans.
YJ: Yep. yan3 chang4 hui4.concert
Cam: yan3 chang4 hui4

Conversation 2:

A: 我是celin dion 的粉丝。
B: 粉丝是什么意思?
A: 粉丝就是歌迷的意思。

Cam: Yajie, I missed that Chinese pop singer’s live concert. But I know I can still watch it on TV. Can you tell me when it’s on?
YJ: wo bu zhi dao. Sorry I don’t know. How about asking some other Chinese friends?
Cam: Not until you tell me how to ask it in Chinese. 
YJ: Sure. You can say “什么时候播出?”
Cam:  shen2me shi2hou bo1chu1 ?
YJ: shen2me shi2hou, what time, when
Cam: shen2me shi2hou
YJ: bo1chu1, broadcasted on TV.
Cam: bo1chu1
YJ: shen2me shi2hou bo1chu1?
Cam: shen2me shi2hou bo1chu1? When is it on?

Conversation 3:

A: 哎呀,我错过了那场演唱会。
B: 没关系,你可以看电视转播。
A: 什么时候播出?
B: 这周五晚上。

Key Words Reminder
Music 音乐pop singer 歌星, fans,歌迷,粉丝 concerts,演唱会 When is it on? 什么时候播出?All in today’s Chinese studio

Yajie: Cam, it’s now time for our question of the day. 
Cam: Right. How do you say “fans” in Chinese?  See ya tomorrow!
YJ: Ming tian jian.

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