Lesson 148 Revision of Music 第一百四十八课 音乐复习课

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-03-30 13:41:30
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Lesson 148 Revision of Music 第一百四十八课 音乐复习课

YJ: Welcome to Chinese Studio on CRI – Wo shi Yajie. 
Cam: And wo shi Cam. Another weekend is coming. But before we kick back and relax, let’s review what we’ve learned this week. 
YJ: Ok. Let’s check Sentences in the Week.

Sentences in the Week 
Fans粉丝,歌迷。concert 演唱会, alternative rock 另类摇滚, jazz爵士乐, classical music古典音乐,  can you play the piano? 你会弹钢琴吗?All in today’s Chinese studio.
Cam: Yajie, can you remind me how to say fans in Chinese? I remember it’s a kind of food name…
YJ: haha, it’s fen3 si1.
Cam: fen3 si1. right. Because it’s pronunciation is similar to the English word “fans”.
YJ: Correct. Fans are crazy about their own pop singers, and they won’t miss any of the concert.
Cam: Right. What’s the Chinese for concert?
YJ: It’s “yan3 chang4 hui4”.
Cam: yan3 chang4 hui4
YJ: yan3 chang4 means to sing,
Cam: yan3 chang4
YJ: hui4 here means a big gathering
Cam: hui4 , a big gathering for pop stars and fans.
YJ: Yep. yan3 chang4 hui4.concert
Cam: Yan3 chang4 hui4 

Conversation 1:

A: 我是U2乐队 的粉丝。
B: 粉丝是什么意思?
A: 粉丝就是歌迷的意思。 

YJ: Do you remember some of the music genres we learned this week?
Cam: I remember my favorite, alternative-rock, is ling4lei4 yao2gun3.
YJ: Good. ling4lei4 means different or unconventional.
Cam: ling4lei4
YJ: rock is short for rock’n roll, yao2gun3.
Cam: yao2gun3.
YJ: ling4lei4 yao2gun3.
Cam: ling4lei4 yao2gun3. alternative rock.
YJ: then what’s Louis Armstrong’s music genre?
Cam: it’s jazz.
YJ: in Chinese It’s 爵士乐
Cam: jue2 shi4 yue4
YJ:  jue2 shi4 , jazz
Cam: jue2 shi4
YJ:  yue4 means music. 
Cam: yue4,
YJ: jue2 shi4 yue4
Cam: jue2 shi4 yue4 jazz. Yajie, do you know Mozart’s genre?
YJ: it’s classical music.
Cam: Good, and what’s the Chinese for that?
YJ: it’s 古典音乐。
Cam: gu3dian3 yin1 yue4
YJ: gu3dian3 means classical,
Cam: gu3dian3.  and yin1 yue4 means music.
YJ: gu3dian3 yin1 yue4 古典音乐, classical music.
Cam: gu3dian3 yin1 yue4. 

Conversation 2:

(1)A: 你喜欢古典音乐还是爵士乐?
B: 我喜欢爵士乐。
B: 有些还可以。 

Cam: Yajie, this week we also learned some musical instruments, like piano in Chinese is gang1 qin2.
YJ: Yes, gang1 qin2. Cam, we learned how to say “Can you play the piano?” remember?
Cam: wait a minute… I know that “play” can be different depending on what musical instrument you are playing.
YJ: Then what’s the Chinese for the play the piano?
Cam: it’s… tan2 gang1 qin2, right?
YJ: very good! tan2 gang1 qin2.
Cam: Then “Can you play the piano?” would be “ni3 hui4 tan2 gang1 qin2 ma?”
YJ: ni3 is you.
Cam: ni3
YJ: hui4, be able to.
Cam: hui4
YJ: tan2 gang1 qin2, play the piano,
Cam: tan2 gang1 qin2
YJ: ni3 hui4 tan2 gang1 qin2 ma1? Can you play the piano?
Cam: ni3 hui4 tan2 gang1 qin2 ma1?

Conversation 3:
A: 你会弹钢琴吗?
B: 不会,我会拉小提琴。
Sentences in the Week  
Fans粉丝,歌迷。concert 演唱会, alternative rock 另类摇滚jazz爵士乐, classical music古典音乐,  can you play the piano? 你会弹钢琴吗?All in today’s Chinese studio.
Cam: That’s it for this fabulous music week. Here comes question of the week: How do you say, “Can you play the piano” in Chinese? 
Yajie: See you next week! 
Cam: Zai jian. 

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