Lesson 150 Seasons and Weather 第一百五十课 季节与天气 (2)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-04-12 14:08:54
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Lesson 150 Seasons and Weather 第一百五十课 季节与天气 (2)

Cam: Welcome to Chinese Studio everyone, wo shi Cam. 
YJ: wo shi Yajie. Cam, you are going to learn all about keeping warm in today's show.
Cam: And I need it, Yajie. I was sick so often last winter, because I wasn't dressed properly.
YJ: Let's hear Key Words of the Day.

Key Words of the Day 
to rain 下雨,to snow 下雪,hotpot火锅, Can you turn up the heat, please? 请把暖气开大一点,好吗?All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: The winter is famous for bringing rain in my hometown of Vancouver... how do I say rain in Chinese?
Yajie: it’s 雨 yu3. 
Cam: yu3. Then how do I say the rain like in “it rains a lot”? 
YJ:I see. you can say 下雨 ( xià yǔ).
Cam: xià yǔ.
YJ: 下 xia4 means to fall, 
Cam: xia4
YJ: 雨 yu3 means the rain.
Cam: yu3. 
YJ: 下雨 ( xià yǔ).
Cam: 下雨 ( xià yǔ).to rain. It rains a lot in my hometown. 
YJ: But in Beijing, we see snow a little more often.  Snow is 雪 xue3.
Cam: xue3. 
YJ: When it snows, it’s very beautiful. 
Cam: yes, so can I say “下雪 xia4 xue4” which means the snow falling. 
YJ: surely you can. “xia4 xue4”下雪 
Cam: xia4 xue4. to snow.

Conversation 1:


2. A:你喜欢下雨还是下雪?

Cam: Then Yajie I’d like to know what I should eat to keep warm in the winter. 
YJ: the first choice would be 火锅. 
Cam: What is that?
YJ: it’s hotpot. In Chinese is 火锅 huo3 guo1.
Cam: huo3 guo1.
YJ: 火 huo3 means fire, 
Cam: huo3 
YJ: 锅 guo1 means pot.
Cam: guo1.
YJ: There are many varieties of hotpot. For the traditional one in Beijing, the pot is made of brass with a wide outer rim around a chimney in which the charcoal burns to heat the soup. 
Cam: Sounds interesting. How exactly should I eat it? 
YJ: When the soup is boiling, you dip slices of raw meat in the soup where it quickly boils, and then put them into a kind of sauce like sesame sauce, soy sauce, chili oil, and vinegar. 
Cam: what kind of meat can it be? 
YJ: The meat can be beef, mutton, chicken, fish, prawn, lots of things but not pork if you are in an Islamic restaurant. 
Cam: I see. How about vegetables?
YJ: You can put mushrooms or bean curd, which can be cooked quickly. Of course you can try whatever you like. 
Cam: Sounds fantastic! Shall we go for it after work?
YJ: Why not!

Conversation 2:

A: 冬天应该吃点什么呢?
B: 一定要吃火锅。 
A: 我喜欢吃火锅。

Cam: Yajie,I often get into taxi cabs or offices, and they are so cold!  How do I tell them to turn up the heat??
YJ: you can say qing1 ba3 nuan3 qi4 kai1 da4 yi4 dian3, hao3 ma1? 请把暖气开大一点,好吗?
Cam: qing1 ba3 nuan3 qi4 kai1 da4 yi4 dian3, hao3 ma1? 
YJ: 请 qing3 means please, 
Cam: qing3 please,
YJ: 暖气 nuan3 qi4 means the heat,
Cam: nuan3 qi4, 
YJ: 开大 kai1 da4 means to turn up,
Cam: kai1 da4. 
YJ: 一点 yi4 dian3, a little bit,  
Cam: yi4 dian3,
YJ: 好吗 hao3 ma, is it ok? It shows your politeness. 
Cam: hao3 ma
YJ: 请把暖气开大一点,好吗?
Cam: qing1 ba3 nuan3 qi4 kai1 da4 yi4 dian3, hao3 ma1? Can you turn up the heat, please?

Conversation 3: 
1 A: 这太冷了,请把暖气开大一点,好吗?
B: 好的,没问题。
2 A: 我怕冷,请把暖气开大一点,好吗? 
B: 对不起,这已经是最大了。

Key Words Reminder 
to rain下雨,to snow下雪,hotpot火锅,Can you turn up the heat, please? 请把暖气开大一点,好吗?All in today’s Chinese Studio. 

Cam: Yajie, learning how to say "turn up the heat" will be so useful... I can start saying that today.  
YJ: In fact, it makes a good question of the day. How do you say “Can you turn up the heat please?” in Chinese?
Cam: See ya tomorrow! 
Yajie: Ming tian jian.

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