Lesson 220 Pets 第二百二十课 宠物 (1)

China Plus Published: 2019-08-15 13:00:00
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B: Dajia hao, hello everyone, improve your Chinese every day, right here in the Chinese Studio. Welcome in, I'm Brendan.
Y: And wo shi Y. A brand new week, and it's time for us to learn more Chinese language tips.
B: That's right. You know Y, I enjoyed being at the zoo so much last week, can we talk about pets this week?
Y: Why not? I love pets! Let's check our key words of the day.


Key words of the day:
Pets 宠物, Do you like pets? 你喜欢宠物吗? Puppy 小狗, Kitten 小猫, Snake 蛇, Turtle 乌龟 bird 鸟。All in today's Chinese Studio.


B: I remember dongwu means animals, what's the word for pets Y?
Y: it's 宠物
B: chong3 wu4.
Y: 宠 chong3 means particularly cherished,
B: chong3,
Y: 物 wu4 means animal,
B: wu4,
Y: 宠物 chong3 wu4.
B: chong3 wu4. and what about, do you like pets?
Y: 你喜欢宠物吗?
B: ni2 xi3 huan1 chong3 wu4 ma?
Y: 你 ni3 means you,
B: ni3,
Y: 喜欢 xi3 huan means like something,
B: xi3 huan, and chong3 wu4 is pets,
Y: right, chong3 wu4, pets. And questions are formed in Chinese by adding the syllable 吗 at the end of a statement.
B: ma.
Y: 你喜欢宠物吗 ni2 xi3 huan chong3 wu4 ma?
B: ni2 xi3 huan chong3 wu4 ma? Do you like pets?

Conversation 1:

A: 你喜欢宠物吗?
B: 当然了。我很喜欢宠物。

B: Do you keep any pets Y?
Y: Dang ran le. But ask me in Chinese. You can say 你养宠物吗?
B: Let's have a go. ni2 yang3 chong3 wu4 ma?
Y: B, what does 你 ni3 mean?
B: it means you. We mentioned it a lot.
Y: Right. 养 yang3 means raise or keep a pet,
B: yang3,
Y: 宠物 chong3 wu4, pet,
B: chong3 wu4. and ma is used to form a question in Chinese,
Y: Yes. 你养宠物吗 ni2 yang3 chong3 wu4 ma?
B: So I'll ask that again: Yajie, ni2 yang3 chong3 wu4 ma? Do you keep any pets?
Y: Yes. I've got a puppy.
B: How do you say puppy in Chinese?
Y: puppy in Chinese is 小狗 xiao2 gou3,
B: xiao2 gou3,
Y: B. do you remember the Chinese for dog?
B: yeah… it's 狗 gou3,
Y: and 小 xiao3 here it means young,
B: xiao3,
Y: 小狗 xiao2 gou3,
B: xiao2 gou3, puppy. Yajie, puppies are so cute. And how do we say kittens?
Y: Very easy, kitten is 小猫 xiao3 mao1.
B: xiao3 mao1.
Y: cat in Chinese is mao1,
B: 猫 mao1,
Y: xiao3 means young,
B: 小 xiao3,
Y: 小猫 xiao3 mao1.
B: xiao3 mao1. kitten,

Conversation 2:

A: 你养宠物吗?
B: 养啊。我家有只小狗。你呢?你养宠物吗?

B: Yajie, we still have some time left. Shall we learn more pets in Chinese? What is snake?
Y: it's she2,
B: 蛇 she2. And turtle?
Y: it's 乌龟 wu1 gui1.
B: wu1 gui1. Last one, how about bird?
Y: it's 鸟 niao3.
B: niao3. Got it.


Key words reminder:

Pets宠物, Do you like pets? 你喜欢宠物吗? Puppy 小狗, kitten 小猫, pigeon 鸽子, Snake 蛇, Turtle 乌龟, bird 鸟。All in today's Chinese Studio.


B: Hey, it's time to feed your cute puppy.
Y: Well we've got a question before we go. How do you say, "puppy" in Chinese?

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