Lesson 223 Revision of Pets 第二百二十三课 宠物复习课

China Plus Published: 2019-09-03 13:56:18
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Y: It's pet week on Chinese Studio, Welcome in everyone, especially those pet lovers. Wo shi Y.
B: Da jia hao, wo shi B. It's also the weekend, time for us to really take good care of our pets and also to review what we've learned during the week.

Sentences of the week

Do you like pets? 你喜欢宠物吗? It's time for a walk 该去遛狗了。Goldfish 金鱼. The water needs changing. 该换水了。All in today's Chinese Studio.

B: Y, let's first review the Chinese word for pets.
Y: it's 宠物
B: chong3 wu4.
Y: 宠 chong3 means particularly cherished,
B: chong3,
Y: 物 wu4 means animal,
B: wu4,
Y: 宠物 chong3 wu4.
B: chong3 wu4. Do you like pets, what's the Chinese for that?
Y: 你喜欢宠物吗?
B: ni2 xi3 huan chong3 wu4 ma?
Y: 你 ni3 means you,
B: ni3,
Y: 喜欢 xi3 huan means like something,
B: xi3 huan,
Y: 宠物 chong3 wu4, pets. And questions are formed in Chinese by adding the syllable 吗 at the end of a statement.
B: ma .
Y: 你喜欢宠物吗 ni2 xi3 huan chong3 wu4 ma?
B: ni2 xi3 huan chong3 wu4 ma? Do you like pets?

Conversation 1:

A: 你喜欢宠物吗?
B: 当然了。我很喜欢宠物。

B: Now it's time for a walk. How do I say it in Chinese?
Y: You can say: 该去遛狗了 gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le.
B: gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le.
Y: 该 gai1 means it's time to do something,
B: gai1,
Y: 去qu4 means go outside,
B: qu4,
Y: 遛狗 liu4 gou3 means to walk a dog,
B: liu4 gou3,
Y: 该去遛狗了 gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le.
B: gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le. It's time to walk a dog.

Conversation 2:

A: 时间到了,该去遛狗了。
B: 我能一起去吗?
A: 当然了,走吧。

Y: Do you have any other pets, B?
B: I've also got some goldfish. What do we call them Y?
Y: it's 金鱼 jin1 yu2.
B: jin1 yu2,
Y: 金 jin1 means gold or the color of gold,
B: jin1
Y: 鱼 yu2 means fish,
B: yu2,
Y: 金鱼 jin1 yu2,
B: jin1 yu2, goldfish. I think the water needs changing. Help me to say that in Chinese.
Y: hao de, You can say 该换水了。
B: 该换水了 gai1 huan4 shui3 le.
Y: 该 gai1 means should do sth,
B: gai1,
Y: 换 huan4 means change,
B: huan4,
Y: 水 shui3 means water,
B: shui3,
Y: 该换水了 gai1 huan4 shui3 le
B: gai1 huan4 shui3 le The water needs changing.

Conversation 3:

B: 金鱼是不错。但是你该换水了。

B: Fido's rearing to go for his walk so we better get going.
Y: I could do with the exercise too. What's today's question B?
B: Ok, how do we say, "Do you like pets? " in Chinese?

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