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小龙虾专业毕业生收入高 Crayfish industry majors set to walk out of school into well-paying jobs
学生们在井盖上手绘人体器官 Students paint organ stickers on well lids
江苏无公害草莓受欢迎 Pesticide-free greenhouse for strawberries built in Jiangsu
中国最抗震跨海大桥通车啦 China opens first cross-sea bridge across active faults
小伙专门制作“不正经”背包 Chinese entreprenur creates unique backpacks
厉害了!凭运动步数可以在食堂打折 Students trade steps for discounts at Zhejiang university restaurant
脸书遭遇史上最长死机 Facebook, Instagram suffer outages
椅子桌子等家具直接种出来 Peach orchard owner plants trees in shape of furniture
我为地球添新绿 Time to green the planet!
中国航司暂停所有波音737MAX-8飞机商业飞行 China's Boeing Max 8 planes grounded following Ethiopia crash
建筑女工变身美丽“刘三姐” Int'l Women's Day marked in Guangxi
重庆有棵360度扭曲生长的“树歪歪” 360-degree twisted palm tree grows in Chongqing
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