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价值数十万的大龙虾 Lobster valued at hundreds of thousands of yuan
北京现“共享宝马” "BMW-sharing" begins trial operation in Beijing
法拉利和骆驼上演“速度与激情”?Ferrari and camels play "The Fast and The Furious?"
点缀地球的珠宝——青海翡翠湖 Emerald Lake looks like jewels dotting the earth.
西瓜也能当“画板”! Watermelon art!
去水上主题乐园抓活鱼 Summer water fish festival in Chongqing
泡“辣椒浴”比吃辣 Chili pepper-eating competition was held in Hunan
该晒西红柿了!Drying tomatoes in the Gobi desert
福建水池有巨鼋(yuán) King of the turtles?
全球多地现月偏食 Partial lunar eclipse seen around the world
超市物品的时装秀 Supermarket fashion!
特高压直流工程开工 Electric power line from Anhui to Xinjiang under construction
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