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深圳改革开放40年晚会上演灯光秀 Shenzhen celebrates China's 40th anniversary of reform and opening up with light show
各国如何庆祝中秋节 How the world celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival
台风过后中国南方开展善后清理工作 Typhoon cleanup underway in southern China
鸭子缘何成为社交媒体的宠儿?How did ducks become a social media favorite?
强台风“山竹”横扫广东 Super typhoon Mangkhut wreaks havoc in Guangdong
熊猫主题专列上办“大熊猫节”发布会 Panda-themed subway trains launch tourism festival in Chengdu
家庭作业让数一亿颗米粒 Students were asked to count 100 million rice grains as homework
中国丰收时节到 China embraces harvest season
地标建筑为老师“亮灯”致敬 Landmarks were light up in China to celebrate Teachers' Day
马云明年交出阿里巴巴接力棒 Jack Ma to retire as Alibaba Chairman next year
80后小伙瓶子里做“立体沙画”Post-80s man creates sand images in bottles
非洲留学生新余体验中国文化 African students learn about Chinese culture at Xinyu university
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