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邮票见证友谊 Postal stamps demonstrate friendship of China and Russia
中国完成首次海上火箭发射 China conducts first seaborne rocket launch
“垃圾分类”教育进校园 Various activities held across China to raise people's awareness of garbage sorting
粽子也可以五彩缤纷 Traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi made colorful
北京开通首条自行车专用“高速”路 Beijing opens its first bicycle highway
小朋友们迎“六一” Children greet upcoming International Children's Day across China
中美主播就贸易问题正面交锋 CGTN, Fox anchors discuss China-U.S. trade issues
四川发现首只通体白色大熊猫 Rare all-white panda spotted in China
成都举办首个大学生时装周 University students rejuvenate ancient Chinese fashion
CGTN主播与FOX主播约辩 CGTN and Fox hosts to go head-to-head on China-U.S. trade frictions
留学生在吴桥学杂技 Overseas students learn acrobatics in Cangzhou
尼泊尔小哥成为推广中国文化的使者 Nepali young man dedicated to learning, popularizing Chinese culture
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