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北京位列中国城市综合发展榜首 Beijing ranked as China's most comprehensively developed city in 2017
成都对“车顶玩偶”说“不” Chengdu police say 'no' to 'superheroes' on car roof
平遥被CNN评为世界十大古城墙城市 China's Pingyao ranks among CNN's global top 10 medieval walled cities
“全中国最小的山”火了 Is it a rock or a mountain?
立蛋迎春分 Spring equinox marked with egg traditions
春天到了,中国各地花开 Spring flowers bloom across China
北京首家无人值守书店开业 Self-run smart bookshop opens in Beijing
俄罗斯将汉语纳入高考 Mandarin is coming for Russia's college entrance exam
中国春运旅客发送量近30亿人次 Nearly 3 bln trips recorded during Spring Festival travel rush
物理学家霍金去世 享年76岁 Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has died at 76
两会“实名制”矿泉水获赞 Signable bottled water served during the 2018 two sessions
运动可使免疫系统年轻化 Study finds exercise helps keep immune system young
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