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中国高铁提供多种套餐 Various set meals available on China's high-speed trains
国家博物馆举办春联展 Exhibition showcases 'chunlian' couplets
圣诞老人的故乡庆春节 'Santa's hometown' celebrates Chinese New Year
曼谷新生儿身着中国传统服装 Newborn babies dressed in traditional Chinese clothes in Bangkok
悉尼进入“春节时间” Sydney gears up for Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations
北海珍珠养殖业复苏 Pearl cultivation is coming back in Beihai
春运桥梁安全检查进行中 Bridge undergoes safety check for Spring Festival travel rush
探秘武警狙击手是怎样炼成的 Snipers underwent combat training in Guangxi
故宫快闪店卖断货 Forbidden City souvenirs in high demand at Beijing pop-up shop
约旦举办书法竞赛 "Ambassador's Cup" Chinese calligraphy competition held in Jordan
男孩雪中背弟弟搬家 Let's go to our new home
创意萌狗迎新年 Artist uses various materials to draw dog images
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