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夏天“死海”里玩漂浮 Floating on a lake in the hot summer
浙江“云端芭蕾”Slackline competition in the peaks of Zhejiang
中国向柬埔寨捐赠100辆公交车 China donates 100 buses to Cambodia
你见过出水后的活带鱼吗?Ever seen a live hairtail fish before?
这样的快递包裹你敢拆吗?How dare you open the express box!
潮起来的毕业帽 Graduates personalize their boxy caps
爱捡瓶子的“环保狗” "Eco-dog" loves picking up littered bottles
路人瞬间救起被洪水冲走的孩子 A child was rescued from rushing flood waters
湖水变身为五彩池塘 Lake transforms into Multi-colored pools
骑着毛驴去上学 Go to school by donkey
洪水过后清淤忙 Residents clear flood debris
中医药迎来首部“专属”国家法律 China's first TCM law launched
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